Krsna Daswani,

My first year there was exciting and it was easy to find a friend not just in other students but in teachers too. The institute has a small number of students and at first I thought it was better to have a larger student body but after my first year at the school I realized that we were just like a family and that is when I knew I was in a school like no other. We were more than just a concrete building with stalwart teachers and conventional students, we were a bevy of incredibly determined teachers and eager students who could come to school and know that we were in a place where people wanted us to be better and would not give up on anybody.




Sporting Centre

Swimming Pool
A 50 meter Olympic size swimming pool amidst the splendid beauty of the mountains and valleys- the ideal space to immerse oneself in the cool splash of relaxation.
Badminton Court
Two badminton courts to ensure that sporting activity continues even when you are indoors! Huge ceilings and its tall architectural structures ensure that it is well ventilated. A favourite past time for students and teachers alike! The badminton matches are the most anticipated!
Lawn Tennis Courts
Situated besides the swimming pool, the lawn tennis courts are built in accordance with world class standards and requirements to give the students and campus residents a professional sporting experience.
Football  Ground
The soccer matches become the locus where students from different backgrounds fuse their energies to defend the goal and the consequent bonding often turns into friendships for a lifetime.
 Basket Ball Ground
  Jogging Track
Fresh air is the key to a healthy living. Our jogging track provides an easily accessible space to pump up some fresh air in the mornings and evenings.  
Night Trail and Hiking
A campus that is literally at the foot of several hills, regular hiking trips on the weekend serves to be the perfect adventurous experience. Scaling heights and driving the adrenaline rush! The night trail is the most popular activity amongst the students. Torches in hand and excitement on their schedule, it is a great learning experience for them.
    Bonfire Nights and Stargazing
Freshly cooked food, the warmth of the fire and the serene dome of the nocturnal sky overhead….the bonfire nights lit up the spark in every heart! With songs, dances and musical instruments playing…the mood is just right for the human spirit to be enlivened. With tents perched in the garden, food spread on lavish tables and eyes glued to the sky, the star gazing nights brings out the dreamer in each one of us.
Festival Celebrations
Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Diwali, Independence Day, International evening, Christmas….we are aware the role festivals play in our lives. Each festival has a reason, a purpose and we live to respect and celebrate each one of them converting the campus into a second home.