Anushka Mujumdar

My time at D Y Patil is filled with memorable moments with some awesome people I got to know there: the students and teachers. Every student I had the pleasure of meeting was unique in their own way which made the classroom all the more interesting but more so the friendships I made were those which will remain strong and last forever. The teachers are highly experienced and provide a great deal of support to every student. They are approachable and encourage you to push yourself to achieve your potential. Without their support and motivation, I wouldn’t have reached my goals. All in all, my journey with D Y Patil will be one I will cherish!

The best thing about the school is its faculty which has undoubtedly contributed to one of the best two years of my life. The small class sizes ensured personal attention from the teachers and helped build long-lasting friendships with my peers.






As a student of the International Baccalaureate curriculum, I believe that the programme is a highly rigorous, methodical and scholarly preparation towards university education. At D Y Patil International College, the IB programme offers a wide range of subjects with good teaching faculty, ample facilities to explore and experiment with the concepts in each subject and boundless room for contemplating our learning experiences.

 As typical of the IB programme, at the heart of our school curriculum is the Theory of Knowledge course where we are empowered to make connections between different fields and analyse the way we learn. However, activity also forms an integral part of our daily lives thanks to the Creativity Action and Service programme where we use our extracurricular skills for the benefit of society.

 On a more academic note, our days are packed with ambitions of perfecting our knowledge and approach to each subject by investigating the real-world applications of all the concepts that we study and undertaking further research on topics that arouse our curiosity.

To conclude, I must say that the International Baccalaureate curriculum is followed in a very holistic and nourishing manner at our college.