Krsna Daswani,

My first year there was exciting and it was easy to find a friend not just in other students but in teachers too. The institute has a small number of students and at first I thought it was better to have a larger student body but after my first year at the school I realized that we were just like a family and that is when I knew I was in a school like no other. We were more than just a concrete building with stalwart teachers and conventional students, we were a bevy of incredibly determined teachers and eager students who could come to school and know that we were in a place where people wanted us to be better and would not give up on anybody.




Ms Sheetal Sonawane, IBDP Biology Facilitator

Our students have also been afforded the opportunity to visit research laboratories to see first-hand the nature of scientific research and its significant contributions to the society. This makes learning in the classroom also very exciting as students are constantly being challenged to be critical thinkers, to think like scientists, and to become independent learners capable of even designing their own research investigations.