Aparna Singh - IBDP Physics Facilatator

The best part of the IBDP curriculum is that it challenges the teachers as well and I thoroughly enjoy engaging myself with the innovations demanded of me. The small size of the class allows for one to one interaction with the students ensuring that every idea is heard and given a platform. The working environment at DYPIC is excellent and the beautiful and spacious campus serves as a great place to live with your family. The swimming pool is my favourite spot; it truly refreshes me after a long and tiring day.




Adhiraj Sen

When I first joined the school, I was taken aback by the crowds of students, but in no time I knew almost everyone. I was a part of something bigger, not just a school run on rules and orthodox classroom teaching, I was a part of an ever changing cornucopia of knowledge and there was no better way to put all my learning to use than the IBDP program. Moreover, being the Deputy Head Boy has given me the opportunity to actively take part in the student council meetings where every representative has the freedom to address concerns and queries that they may have. This demonstrated to every member of DYPIC that responsibility is not a burden but an opportunity to express
ourselves and model ourselves into leaders of tomorrow.